#day365 – champagne shower

This is it. Done. 365 first times. One year of doing, seeing, learning something new every day. I somehow can’t believe it’s over now. Wasn’t it yesterday when I was sitting on my balcony writing my first blog post? Time flies, friends! It was an incredible year, my 30th year of age. And I’m able to trace back what I’ve done every single day. I just have to look through my blog or insta account. I shouldn’t do that too often, though. It makes me melancholic. But it’s the sweet melancholy, the melancholy with a smiling face. So so many good memories.

My last daily first time should be a special one. A first time with style. A first time, which celebrates the end of the project. I was thinking hardly before one of my best ideas during the last year came to my mind. A champagne shower with the help of my friends. Well, yes, the shower didn’t came out of the blue, it was an arranged one. But is it a surprise, when sportsmen get one while they’re on the winner’s podium? No, it’s not, but nevertheless impressive.

The feeling, when you’re getting showered is a good one. You know, you must have done something special to get one. The champagne shower itself isn’t really enjoyable, though. It was a sunny day, but I started freezing once I was totally wet. And did you know, champagne hair doesn’t smell good? Moreover champagne hurts in the eyes. It’s one of those first times, which are last times simultaneously. At least a planned champagne shower.

Many people asked me, what I’m going to do as soon as the project is done. The answer is, it’s just over. I completed 365 first times, I’m turning 30 and I’m looking back proudly to a wonderful project. Even though, I enjoyed it a lot to do and share new things with you, I’m also a bit relieved it’s over for now. It feels like I’m going to have holidays with the beginning of tomorrow. Because yes, it was work. Hard work, sometimes. It must have looked like fun only, but it was not. I’m still keen to experience first times, my passion will never die, but I possibly do it just every second day. And sometimes just for myself.

I can’t end this project without saying thank you. Every great ending needs a speech of thanks. I’ll keep it short, though. THANK YOU, family and friends! Without your support, advice, ideas and patience the project wouldn’t have been functioning. You’re the best. I don’t want to name special names here, they exist of course, but I’ll preserve them for my first book. Last but not least I want to say sorry. Sorry, if I was a little annoying with photos and that stuff. It was just for the project. And now you have to admit, it was worth it. wasn’t it?

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