#day364 – craft beer tasting

The area around Hackescher Markt isn’t my first choice, when it comes to going out for a drink on a Thursday night. Neither on another weekday actually. Bars are a bit too charmless there. But when there are friends around, who I haven’t seen for months I can deal with it, of course.

And it wasn’t just a normal bar hangout. We went to a brewery to have a little craft beer tasting. My first serious craft beer tasting ever. I mean, it’s normal to try several beers, when you’re at a craft beer bar, but this was a tasting with a concept, even though there was noone, who gave us explanations.

Everyone just got a wooden board with an explanation sheet and six different kind of craft beers. Just small ones. All together a bit more than a big beer. And then we had to drink them from left to the right. The leftmost one was just a little bitter and the rightmost one was the most bitter.

Funnily I liked the first one and the last one the most. I didn’t like those two beers in the middle. Once again I have to realise, dark beer isn’t my taste. The idea behind the tasting (to order a big beer of the one, you liked the most), is nice, but I was already done after six beers. And happy. Tomorrow will be my last first time. Cheers.

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