#day361 – Köfteci cake

It’s all about turkish delights in Berlin Wedding. Kebab, falafel, lahmacun, baklava – whatever you want you’ll get. Authentic food in a good quality. I missed these delicacies a lot. You can find a kebab in Southamerica, sure. I tried at the minimum a handful. That’s why I can profess, it’s a shame they call it kebab.

I had a kebab the first day I was back in Berlin. And even though I live in Wedding’s most important food mile at the moment, I can’t eat kebab or falafel every day. I mean, I could, but I don’t want. Since my last kebab was five days ago I’m allowed to eat one again.

I left the house for a kebab and changed my mind, when I saw Köfteci, a sandwich bar for kofta, right next to our house. I actually want to try this kofta place since my friends moved to this apartment more than a year ago. This was my chance today.

I always thought kebab is better than kofta. But actually I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten kofta. And now I have to recognise it’s as good as kebab. At least the sandwich from Köfteci. Really recommendable. Whenever you make it to Berlin again, risk something and eat a kofta sandwich instead of a doner kebab.



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