#day359 – stucked at a festival

To be honest, even though I always had a blast on Lollapalooza festivals, there was always an organisational disaster. In 2015 people had to pee behind food trucks, because they weren’t enough toilets and and the waiting time in a queue was 45 minutes on an average. After that there was one toilet for each guest in 2016, but you missed a whole concert again, when you had to switch between stages for another act. Ways were way too long.

In year three it’s the departure. The new location, a racecourse a bit out of town, is served by just one city train. Running only every 30 minutes after 10pm. It’s not a surprise that there was a debacle, as soon as the last concert was over. An overcrowed platform with a waiting time of two hours and the fear of a stampede leaded abruptly to blocked exits. First time caged at a festival. In the end we had to take a shuttle bus with dozens of other guests and managed it to get back in town safe. It took us ages, though.

I’ve been to many festivals before, but I’ve never seen such a misplanning.  And the annoying thing is, the operator knew that there will be a departure disaster and didn’t try to find a solution right in time. I’m pretty sure, that there will be more trains and busses tomorrow. And I bet that there will be a new festival location in 2018, as there was always a new location the next year. We’ll see.

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