#day358 – yellow rubber boots

My first weekend in Berlin is going to be a special one. Lollapalooza festival is welcoming me back in town. It’s initially an Americal music festival, first placed in Chicago in the early 90’s, but nowadays also once a year in Southamerica and Europe. Since the first European release – in Berlin in 2015 – I’ve always been there. It’s going to be my third Lolla and I’m really looking forward to it.

The weather forecast is a bit horrible, though. We had the best festival weather the last two years. Warm, sunny, no clouds at all. The last summer days in September. For the first time we have to expect rain and cold. I mean not really cold, but 15 degrees without sun aren’t a pleasure.

The weather wouldn’t be the biggest problem on earth, I’m used to rain anyway since Panama. The problem is I don’t have the accordingly clothing. And I can’t buy a whole new weatherproofed outfit. But once again I can rely on my wonderful friends. Everything I’ll wear the next days is borrowed by friends.

Everyone, who experienced a rainy festival before knows, that shoes are the most important thing. And with shoes I mean rubber boots. Rubber boots are one of the most practical inventions on earth. And mine are not only practical, they have style, they are yellow. That’s the true nordic chic. If the sun don’t shine, I’m going to let the sun shine with my boots.

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