#day357 – Neukölln to Wedding on a ladies bike

There’re two things about Berlin’s public transport most people hate, but I love it. The smell in the metro and the unfriendliness of the bus drivers. I almost forgot it. It was like a second first time exploring Berlin yesterday, while I was on my way across the city.

I asked the bus driver something about a stop in my sweetest voice and got the most unfriendliest answer ever. Since I’m not used to the well known Berlin unfriendliness anymore I was first shocked (what happend) before I was wondering (did I say something wrong) and finally happy (I’m back home). As soon as I’m used to the unfriendliness again, I’ll kind of enjoy it.

After a few minutes in the bus I had to change to the metro. Second time my senses went crazy. It’s such a unique smell in the underground station. Especially line number U8. It’s not comparable with anything else I’ve ever smelled before. How can people say it’s stinky? It’s the Berlin fragrance. If there will be a parfum one day, I’ll be the first buyer.

Well, as much as I love to take the bus and the metro, I needed a bike. To be flexible, to save money, to enjoy the last sunny days and to see my city with new eyes after a really long break. Thanks to my friend, I got a really nice ladies bike. The back wheel needed a bit fresh air, but as soon as it was inflated, it was ready for the street.

My route from Neukölln to Wedding leaded me more or less one hour through the whole city. Good activity for my first day back in Berlin and my first time ever I cycled that way. On my way through town I realized that there’s a third thing I really missed while I was abroad. The special mixture of people in Berlin.

It’s crazy, how many different kind of humans you meet when you’re cycling from Neukölln via Kreuzberg and Mitte to Wedding. I mean, sure, I’ve been in other melting pot cities in the world. The melting pot in Berlin is a special one, though. I can’t really describe why, it’s just a feeling. One united power. I love Berlin.

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