#day356 – welcome kebab with roses and red wine

Berlin. I’m back in town. I was really curious how it feels to be back in my city after 220 days on the road. I missed Berlin so freaking badly and couldn’t wait to be finally back. And now I’m here, at home. It’s still a little unreal.

Actually it’s not home home, because it’s not my apartment where I’m sleeping tonight. I still rent it out. But when you have wonderful friends with welcoming and cozy sofas it feels like home nevertheless. Home is where your heart is, isn’t it?

It was a long way from the airport to my friends place in Wedding. One hour of pleasant anticipation in S-Bahn, U-Bahn and bus. I knew why. It was such a heartly welcoming. Not my first welcoming-back because it wasn’t my first time abroad, but my first welcoming-back in Berlin.

And it was the best welcome-back to Berlin you can get. Kebab, roses and red wine. That’s Berlin romance. I missed kebab a lot. There’s no better place on earth for kebab than Berlin. These guys here really know what they’re doing. And it tastes even better in combination with roses and red wine.

So good to be home.

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