#day355 – the 30th birthday of my longest friend

I was too young to remember the first day we met. I was even too young to remember the time we met. We must have been two years or younger. I know we haven’t been in kindergarden already. Me and my longest friend. We are friends for life.

We’ve been together in kindergarden and our entire time in school. From class one to twelve, we always shared the same class room. We lived in different cities while we were studying, but still close to each other. Due to work there are unfortunately many kilometres between us nowadays. It doesn’t make a difference for our friendship, though.

Whatever happens, we know we can call each other immediately. Even if we are separated by seven hours time shift and different continents. We know everything about each other. And we share countless memories and experiences together. Of course we do, we grew up together. We are actually sisters.

Celebrating our 30th birthday together is a big thing for us. For quite a long while, I wasn’t really sure, if I should return home in September for my birthday. When there was the opportunity to celebrate my friend’s birthday somewhere together in Europe, I knew what to do. Returning home for her birthday. That’s what I did. Is there a better reason to come home than the 30th birthday of your longest and best friend? I don’t think so.

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