#day354 – on top of Tibidabo

Malaga or Barcelona. We couldn’t really decide where to go for our little girls reunion. I mean it’s a hard decision. Both cities are super cool, whereas I haven’t been in Malaga so far. It’s just what I’ve heard.

We only knew we want to have sun and beach. The girls even more than I. Of course, I just arrived from the Caribbean. I did nothing else than hopping from beach to beach for the last two months. I’m spoiled.

In spite the better weather in Malaga, we chose Barcelona in the end. And the weather forecast wasn’t good. Just a few days before we started our trip, the forecast said rain and cold.

Bullshit. We have the best weather ever. Four warm and sunny days so far. Not one single rain drop. Even the nights are still good. Shorts all night long, you know. I love these warm European summer nights. Not to forget, I really enjoy the late sunset. I’m used to a sunset at 6pm.

Today was the best day though. That’s why we decided to do something, none of us has ever done in Barcelona. We took the blue cable car to the top of Tibidabo hill and enjoyed a nice view over Barcelona. Good decision to came here.

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