#day353 – Sagrada Selfie

Last time I’ve been standing in front of the Sagrada Familia, an impressive catholic church and the must-see in Barcelona, I was missing a smart phone. I got my first smart phone one year later. Means after several visits, I finally have my obligatory selfie.

Five years ago they sold only magnets in front of the church. Nowadays you can choose between ten different colored  selfie sticks. I still prefer it the traditional way. The way of taking a photo, that exists since ages, but people didn’t call it so. Well, the selfie got even more popular with the smart phone, that’s for sure.

Whatever, not only my smart phone skills changed, the Sagrada Familia changed as well. I was wondering if I’ve ever seen the building without cranes. I looked it up online, the Sagrada Familia is in a building process since 1882. Due to the fact, it’s only financed by donations, it takes forever. Only 22 million Euros per year to build the church.

And do you want to know another fun fact, I’ve learnt today? The finishing is planned for the year 2026, Gaudi’s 100th day of death. We’re not that late with our Berlin airport. Haste makes waste. More haste, less speed. And hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Now you know.

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