#day351 – Barcelona bound

I’m back. Back in Europe. Crazy. Just one short night in the plane and I’m back on my continent after so many months in Southamerica, the other end of the world. Almost every nightbus lasted longer than this return flight.

Well, part one of three coming home parts. It doesn’t feel like coming home just because it’s Europe, though. Products in the supermarket are quite similar to those in Southamerica. I guess many products are Spanish and exported to Southamerica. My favorite cookies Chips Ahoy for example. Or bread from Bimbo. Funny, I didn’t know that.

The other thing is the language. Weird, I’m still surrounded by Spanish speaking people, even though it’s a new accent for me. A quite strong one. But people still understand me when I’m talking Spanish. Feels good. It’s definitely a good first stop here in Europe on my way back home.

No, it just feels like a first coming home because I met my best friends again. We haven’t seen each other for more than seven months. We were going nuts to finally see each other again in Barcelona. One week of beach and party is waiting for us. Whereever we are together it feels like home. That’s true friendship. True friendship is true luck.

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