#day350 – drawing a travel balance

I can’t imagine, my journey is coming to and end today. After more than seven months in South and Central America I’m flying back to Europe today. Not to Berlin though. I fly to Barcelona to meet my besties and celebrate a birthday, before I’m finally returning to Berlin in one week.

I’m so looking forward to see family and friends but still, I can’t deny my feelings are kind of mixed ones. I had an incredible time. I would love to keep on travelling, but yeah it wouldn’t change the fact, that I have to return to a serious life one day. And that’s what I do now.

I usually like to be pretty philosophical when things are coming to an end. Today I decided it’s not a last day. It’s day one. The first day of a new chapter in my life. I have absolutely no clue, what this chapter is bringing up for me, but I’m optimistic. Yeah, optimism is good. Makes it easier to live life.

Hence my travel balance is a little unemotional today. More or less just plain facts. Here we go:

#220 days
#22 passport stamps
#14 nightbusses
#14 islands
#9 times offline, lasting several days
#8 countries
#6 nights in a tent
#6 nights in a hammock
#5 flights, whereas 4 of them were just to get to Southamerica and back to Europe
#4 overnight treks, lasting min 2 days
#4 book reads
#4 repellents
#3 sun screams
#3 nights of fighting with bed bugs, last fight just yesterday, they don’t want me to leave
#2 robberies, or let’s better say 1.5, the dude, who tried to grab my phone failed, I fighted him off
#and so many one times: paragliding, waterrafting, horseback riding, ziplining, tubing, bodyboarding, sandboarding, downhill biking, boxing and so on…

I’m returning home happy. Happy, grateful and optimistic.

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