#day348 – overlooking Panama City

Even though many parts of Panama City are quite dodgy and the downtown area, actually a World Heritage Site, is rather small and boring, there are a few nice spots in town.

Ancon hill for example. A little hill in the  middle of the city, 600 something meters above sea level and Panama City’s highest peak. A short hike through a jungle landscape leads up to the top, where they placed a huge Panamanian flag.

Back in town, the hike to the top was my exercise for today. The flag is visible from more or less everywhere in the city, but staying right underneath it, it doesn’t seem that big. And it’s as big as a basketball field. Crazy.

Good weather allowed me a view over the massive skyline on one side and over the Panama Canal on the other side. Since I know the skyline already, the canal view impressed me much more.
I can’t wait to visit the Miraflores locks tomorrow, from where I can see and learn more detailled how ships cross the locks. Good activity for my final day.

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