#day347 – creating a like-list

A lot of rain made it possible to read a new book in two days. A book about a grandpa, who started living his life with 77. As many old people do, he figured out way too late, that life is too short to waste your time. He tries to find peace with his family and does the things he wished to do his entire life.

Without telling the end, I let you know that he is writing a like-list in the end. He made a note of everything he likes in life. Small things, big things, simple things in the everyday life. Basically everything that came into his mind, without following a concept.

I liked these last three pages a lot. It’s such a good idea. It’s an optimistic way of thinking and reminds you of all the simple things in life that causes happiness. It inspired me to write my own like-list. I start with copying some likes from grandpas list but fulfill it with my own ideas. You are allowed to do the same, if you want to.

I like…
…warm summer nights on the balcony
…the smell of fresh printed magazines
…celebrating a proper breakfast
…cooking for my grandparents
…endless dance nights with my friends
…exploring a new city by bike
…watching a sunset and missing my family
…buying gifts
…making new friends
…roadtrips along a sunny coast
…running in sand dunes
…walking around barefooted
…writing postcards to my niece
…wise quotes about life
…being melancholic and grateful
…the sound of guinea pigs
…baking birthday cakes
…going to bed with a hot water bottle
…crying while watching movies
…coincidences and believing in destiny
…watching the same movie again and again
…having a passion for anything
…little club concerts
…the first flower bouquet in spring
…philosophizing how to make a perfect coffee
…travelling the world
…trying something new

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