#day346 – breakfast with a parrot

Every hostel has its own pet in South and Central America. Actually it’s not only one. They usually have cats or dogs and sometimes both. They pick them up from the street to save their life or just accept them when they move in by themselves.
While I was having breakfast today, the hostel’s quite special pet came and joined me.

A green little parrot. And such a cute and polite one. Not shy at all. He didn’t offer me a bit of his pineapple but he tolerated me and my effort to get a good picture of him. I even imagine he started posing when he saw the camera. He was so patient, that I thought he isn’t able to fly anymore. He unlearnt flying in all those years in the cage.

The truth is, he didn’t. He just wanted to finish his pineapple and flew away. Without saying goodbye or anything. A blink with the eye and he was gone. The sad thing is, I couldn’t figure out his story. His name, his age, where he comes from, things like that. I mean, I could have ask the hostel owner, but he wasn’t there when I had breakfast and then I forgot to ask. The only thing I know is his favourite breakfast. A fresh pineapple.

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