#day345 – searching waves in Santa Catalina

After a long time in the Caribbean it’s  finally time to check out the Pacific side of Panama. One of the best places therefore is a little village called Santa Catalina. A great spot for surfing and diving. I’m neither a surfer nor a diver, but I love the ocean as well. I’m only here for enjoying the ocean.

Well, the beaches are not as beautiful as they are in the Caribbean. The sand is rather black than white and rain season affects this part of the country apparently heavier than other parts, means beaches are a bit dirtier. But I found some impressive waves and a nice spot to watch the surfers riding waves.

I’m going to have two lazy days here in Santa Catalina. Beaching, reading and chilling, that’s what I’m going to do. It’s a super small village and due to the off-season most of the restaurants and bars are closed at the moment. At least there’s a tiny supermarket. They don’t have fruits or vegetables, but they have tuna in cans. I like that.

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