#day343 – meeting a transparent butterfly

Well, visiting a butterfly farm is actually not my prefered activity. Butterflies are nice, but also a bit childish. Whereas childish isn’t the right word. Rather girlish. Yeah, girlish is the better description. I mean, not the butterfly itself is girlish, just liking butterflies is a girls thing, if you ask me.

Whatever, it was a cute butterfly farm and I’ve seen quite a few interesting butterflies. Even though there were big and colorful butterflies, the most impressive one was one with transparent wings. The so called glass wing butterfly. You can look through it’s wings. Isn’t it funny?

By the way, I learnt some fun facts about butterfly senses today. Did you know, that they taste through the hair on their feet? Groose, but true. And they can’t hear, they’re just able to feel something through vibrations. At least it looks like they are good observers. They see through 6000 lenses in the eye. My little biology lesson for you today, friends. Thanks for listening.

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