#day342 – finding the lost waterfalls

Oh, such a long time I didn’t go trekking. Must have been somewhere in Colombia. I can’t even really remember. Since Peru after every trek I use to say, it was for sure my last one. But there was always a next one. I compare it with a birth. You forget how hard it was, otherwise you wouldn’t do it again.

Anyway, here we are again. A million treks later in Panama, in a little mountain village called Boquete. The main activity is trekking here. An easy trek in the cloud forest along a pipeline, a hard trek for bird watching and a medium hard trek to lost waterfalls.

Perfect, that’s my trek. I want it medium difficult and I like waterfalls. I’ve seen at least one waterfall in every country I’ve been to, but yeah it’s more the little workout than the destination. And yes, the three waterfalls couldn’t knock my socks off. Medium difficult trek, medium great waterfalls. At least I got a bit dirty, it’s fine.

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