#day341 – spotting a Quetzal

The Quetzal is THE bird in Central America. It’s a colorful bird with a long tail and a funny hair cut. It lives in Central American cloud forests only and is a symbol of freedom. People say a Quetzal dies immediately in captivity. The currency in Guatemala is even named after it.

If you want to see one, you have to do bird watching. You can either go on a tour or you hike by yourself through the forest. It would have been cool to see one, but bird watching is an activity, only daddies do. In my opinion. And because my dad loves bird watching.

Lucky me, even without serious bird watching I spotted one. A Quetzal mural on a wall of an abandoned house in town. Not as active as the real version but a bit more colorful instead. Birds at home are boring, but this one is an eye candy. With daddy in Panama, I would go on a bird watching tour. Come over, daddy!

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