#day340 – explorig the Caribbean Sylt

Such a cute island. After the big main island I moved on to another small island, just a stone throw away. One dollar by water taxi. Compared to the big one, there are just a few accommodations and restaurants here. It’s quite calm, but I like it.

While I was strolling around the island I figured out I’m on the Caribbean Sylt. I mean the weather is a bit worse on Sylt and there’re no palm trees but I’ve seen a red and white striped lighthouse, which I haven’t seen before here. And those lighthouses always remind me of the Northern Sea.

It’s not the only thing both islands have in common. There are many holiday residences. Whereas those houses on Sylt are owned by rich Germans, they’re owned by rich Americans here. And the island is clearly separated. Private properties on one side, accommodations and restaurants on the other side of the island.

Once I’m grown up I want to own such a cosy bungalow as well. Maybe not here in Panama, it’s too far away for short vacations. Neither on Sylt, though. I’m not the biggest Sylt fan. I have to find another island, which is kind of deserted and has palm trees and tropical weather, but is also not too far away from home. Recommendations are welcome.

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