#day339 – star gazing in the sea

Whereas others like to stare in a sky full of stars forever I’m immediately bored. I can’t see what’s so spectacular. As I’m the worst wild life spotter on earth I’m also not able to see star constellations. Maybe that’s the reason. I hated astronomy in school as well. The reason therefore might have been the teacher. Or stars are in general not my thing. Sounds reasonable.

Today I had my first amazing star gazing experience though. It was during the day and I didn’t look up into the sky. I looked  into the sea, directly at the shore, and I spotted the most impressive stars I’ve ever seen. Starfish, three big red starfish. As if someone has put them there together.

It would have been great to play with them, but since they can die through touching I didn’t do it. I observed them only. Those and all the others around, because it was a beach full of starfish. They didn’t move but it was still the best star gazing I ever had. The starfish is the better star.

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