#day338 – blue eye bracelet

That’s destiny. I lost my blue bracelet a few days ago. Actually I didn’t loose it, it was falling apart. Too much salt water. I wanted to cry, it was a special one. Since I bought it last October in Lisbon I never removed it. It was a symbol for an amazing time.

Today, just a few days later, someone gave me a new bracelet. A gift. And such a beautiful one. I still can’t believe it. I really like the colors but the best thing is the blue eye pearl. The funny thing is I was seriously thinking about buying one. And now I have one. Lovely coincidence.

When I saw the blue eye pearl for the first time here in Southamerica I was kind of surprised. I actually thought it’s a Turkish thing. I looked it up. The origins are indeed Arabic. They call it Nazar boncugu, what means something like sight pearl because it protects people from bad sights. It’s an Arabic belief, that blue eyes relegate evil sights. I like that.

I have a new bracelet, which reminds me of a wonderful time in Panama AND I’m safe now. Noone can hurt me with evil sights anymore. That’s definitely destiny, isn’t it? We have to believe in the good things in life, friends.

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