#day337 – Bocas biking squad

Finally back to an island paradise. Just one short night in a big city and I already missed the islands and the beach. That’s why I took immediately a nightbus across whole Panama to Bocas del Toro, the country’s best place for beaching and partying. And a bit island hopping once again.

The first island we are visiting is also one of the biggest: Colon Island, home of Bocas town, the capital of the area. An island too big to explore it by foot and too small to take a car. The best way to do it is by bike or longboard. In a group of six, we were three on the bike and three on the longboard. Coolest squad ever. Bocas biking squad.

Since the beach is only accessible by a gravel road retrospective the bike, we had to find another destination. A squad stays together of course. And so we ended up in a beach bar, where we found a new friend. Maestro, a green cheeky parrot.

Maestro completed our squad perfectly.  He loves beer as much as we do and isn’t  shy at all. When he was thirsty he just took a sip from our beers. Even though he never paid for a round, we shared our beer with him. Bocas biking squad goals.

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