#day336 – Panama City’s skyline

Back to reality. After four days of island hopping in the Caribbean Sea we’re in Panama’s capital now. Panama City. That’s a hard change of locations. I’m kind of shocked. And not only because we went from a deserted island to the urban jungle. It’s Panama City itself.

To be honest, I had no idea what Panama City is about. But then we approached the city and a massive skyline popped up in front of us. That’s definitely not what I expected. I’m somehow shocked by the city’s modernity. And the prices. The price for a dorm bed is just slightly more expensive than in Colombia but food is incredible expensive.

Furthermore I don’t really like that I have to pay in US dollars again. After Ecuador the second country on my trip, where the dollar is the official currency. Well, I don’t want to complain that much. I’m just a bit spoiled after my trip in paradise.

And I’m escaping the city tomorrow again anyway. Back to the beach, you know. I want to enjoy the sea as long as I can. It’s one thing I’m going to miss the most once I’m back home. Life is definitely better at the beach.

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