#day335 – winning a deserted island beach volleyball tournament

Last day of our trip in the Caribbean paradise. And it was such a good one. While we had to get up early in the morning the first three days, we had a late breakfast today and stayed on the island until the trip was over. Means shortly after another delicious fish lunch.

Wohoo, enough time for a serious beach volleyball tournament. To keep up the cultural exchange some Kuna guys joined us and we played in mixed teams. Good idea, those guys are really good. But to be fair, it seems like they’re training almost every day, whereas I play beach volleyball once a year.

It was an exciting tournament. Especially the final. 17:15. And guess who won? Yeah, my team and me. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t actually me, who did all the work. Lucky me, there was a great German boy and a good Kuna dude in our team of four.

Because we played the final, we missed the dolphin. This little guy was swimming around the island and popped up when we played the matchball. Even though I didn’t see him the imagination of a dolphin in the back while I’m winning a beach volleyball match in paradise makes me happy. An amazing ending of an even more fabulous trip.

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