#day334 – eating a lobster

I turned into the biggest seafood lover on this trip. I didn’t like seafood for my almost entire life but here in the Caribbean I can’t get enough of it.

When someone told me, we’re going to get lobster for dinner the last day of our trip, I started dreaming about lobsters. It’s on my food bucket list for ages now. But since it’s an incredible expensive dish in Europe, I never had it before. Even here it’s not cheap and so I appreciate our dinner tonight a lot.

The sad thing is, I didn’t like it that much. Unfortunately. I don’t know if it’s the way the cooked it or because the taste isn’t mine, but the lobster couldn’t convince me. I didn’t even finish it. The coconut rice and the mustard potatoes were really really good though. And I can save money, because I won’t order it again.

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