#day333 – meeting the Kuna

The islands where we are staying at are actually not Panama. They belong to Panama but it’s an autonom area called Guna Yala. The area consists of a bit mainland and 365 islands, although just 50 islands are inhabited.

The people, who live here are called Kuna. They have their own traditional  culture and even language and just a few of them are able to speak Spanish. Their original flag shows a swastika, the meaning of the symbol is a bit different here though. For them it looks like an octopus. An octopus, which created the world once, as the legend says. Let’s be honest, the Kuna version of the swastika is so much cooler. With the beginning of today the swastika is an octopus for me, as well.

Tourists are not really welcome though. We’re just allowed to visit the village because the owner of our tour company is a Kuna. We support the Kuna with our trip so to say. I felt a bit strange while we walked throug the village. The typical zoo visitor feeling. Language barriers are crap. But even though the interaction wasn’t that intense I learnt a lot about the people and the place, where I am right know. That’s a good start.

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