#day330 – Colombia off the beaten path

I’m on my way to the paradise. I usually don’t like to reveal my upcoming travel plans here, but now I kind of have to. As I already mentioned it on my post about the waterproofed hand bag I’m going to go on a boat trip. And know I let you know it’s going to be a biiig boat trip. Four days island hopping in the Caribbean. Damn, I’m so looking forward to it.

The port where the boat starts is a bit hard to reach though. It’s a two days trip from Cartagena. Two buses, one ferry and a water taxi. Including one night in a small town called Necocli, close to the Costa Rican border.

The good thing about the trip is I get off the beaten path in Colombia. All the places I’ve been to were quite touristy. While Germans like to be annoyed by too many tourists I’m actually fine with it. If you don’t want to be surrounded by other travellers you shouldn’t go to all those top recommendations.

And that’s the point. Sure, it’s easy to get off the beaten path but then it’s harder to find something special to do or visit. It’s not impossible but it’s harder. I like it to walk just through the streets, spotting people, observing the everyday life. But you can’t do it every day. In the end the mixture is the best. And so I’m happy to see another part of Colombia.

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