#day329 – the story behind the black fishermen

When I was walking around Cartagena, trying to find a nice postcard, it was the first time I got in contact with the black fishermen. It’s apparently a typical postcard picture here. I was wondering if there’s a story behind but I forgot to look it up.

Today though while I was walking through downtown again I ran into them personally. Three black fishermen on the street. The funny thing about them is, there are just actors, not real fishermen. Kind of those guys, who are standing still the whole time, waiting for coins to do a funny move. Even though they’re local guys and they have more or less black skin (that’s what I think at least), they paint their face black. Deep black.

I threw a coin into a can of one of those guys and was allowed to take a picture. Once I was back in the hostel and started a little research about the black fishermen and figured out…there is no story. Or at least there are no informations online. Just one really long blog post about the way they act but actually no significant historically informations. Too bad. I should have asked them directly. Because now there’s another blog post on the world wide web about the fishermen without a specific conclusion. I’m sorry, friends.

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