#day328 – playing stamp tetris

I wrote many postcards in my life. Means I’ve seen many different stamps as well. It’s not uncommon that a postcard via airmail needs two or three stamps. But they’re nowhere as big as in Colombia. Seriously, they cover half of the postcard.

The funny thing is, when I was sitting in the yard in our hostel, writing my postcards, a girl told me already that stamps are huge and I should leave enough space. And that’s what I did. But it was still not enough. First time the stamps didn’t fit on my postcard. The suggest to put in into an envelope is kind but not really helpful. A postcard isn’t a postcard when it arrives in an envelope.

The lady from the post office felt a bit sorry for me and said, it should be alright when only the stamp’s amount is visible. One half of the stamp on the back side and the other half on the front side. It’s not only risky, it looks pretty ugly, too. Hence also not an option.

I played a bit stamp tetris and managed it in the end. They’re definitely not the best looking postcards I’ve ever sent, but they’re unique. And the post lady promised me several times, that they will arrive. If not, I have a photo proof of every postcard I wrote. Let’s hope I won’t need it.

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