#day326 – polka-dotted cool bag

I’m travelling now for six month without a proper handbag. My only handbag is a gym bag. Practical for a city walk, pretty impractical for a trek lasting several days. I always had to rent a small backpack when I went trekking. It worked out for me. And in my defence, I didn’t expect to do so many treks.

But now there’s an event coming up which needs good travel equipment. I’m going to do a boat trip, island hopping in the Caribbean for four days. I’m not going to sleep on the boat but it will be the only means of transport for four days.

Hence I need a waterproofed hand bag. Not that easy if you don’t want to spend much money for it. I found the best bag you can get for such a trip though. A cool bag. I won’t cool my clothes and electronics of course, but the inside is covered with a plastic foil and keeps water away. Even if the outer material gets wet, the stuff in the inside will be still dry. Exactly what I need.

The design is a matter of taste. I think it can be worse. It’s an black-and-white polka-dotted cool bag. 60’s style. Too bad I don’t have a petticoat with me. But way more important is the fact, that I got a cheap waterproofed hand bag. A proper hand bag, which I might also use in Berlin. For example for a picknick in the park or a day at the lake. I tell you friends, this money is well invested.

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