#day325 – rainbow over Taganga

The only thing I’ve actually seen in Taganga is a rainbow. We planned to stay just for one night as a stopover. Good plan, Taganga is pretty ugly. A stinky little fishing village with a crowded beach and some tourist shops. And the beach isn’t even a nice one. Colombia can do it better.

So well, the rainbow isn’t the only thing I’ve seen. We arrived in the late afternoon and went out for an early seafood dinner at the beach. An overpriced dinner, but also a tasty dinner. Means I’ve seen the beach by night, too. But the atmosphere in town couldn’t convince us at all and so went straight back to our rooftop terrace.
In the end observing the rainbow from our wonderful rooftop terrace made my stay here.

Since the rainbow has vanished I can leave the village as well. One more off the bucket list, but it’s an experience that you can truly miss out. Taganga, not the rainbow. You can enjoy a rainbow somewhere else.

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