#day324 – highest coastal mountain range in the world

Kayaking, yoga classes, trekking. I came with big plans to the hostel at the river, far away from everything. When I arrived I had to find out, that kayaking isn’t possible right now, the yoga teacher just left the hostel and hikes are short and more or less without a real destination. Great.

Even if it’s super hot and the hike isn’t that special we decided to do the 45 minutes hike to a lookout over Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain range in the world. We are by far not at one of the highest points here, but there are 5000 meters high mountains close by.

Well, we never reached the lookout. Due to heavy rain, the way was more or less washed away. We tried it for almost half an hour, including crawling and climbing but then we had to realize we can’t reach the lookout. Too difficult to identify the right way. We turned around, totally sweaty and a bit disappointed.

The good thing about our hike was the loyal company. Two dogs, who hiked with us all the way from the hostel into the jungle and back to the hostel. One in the front and one in the back. When we stopped, they stopped. They even looked like they were discussing the way with us, when we weren’t sure which path we should take. One of just a few good moments with all the dogs here in Southamerica.

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