#day323 – Caribbean book read

I started reading the second book since I’m travelling. Six months on the road and I just finished one book. I usually love reading books, but days are too short. Even here in Southamerica. And I have to do something new ever day. That’s time consuming.

The good thing about the beach is it’s an internet free zone. Finally time to start a new book. I checked a dozen book exchanges the last weeks, but it’s always the same with book exchanges. Books from the 70’s, books about the second world war or books in Chinese. Sometimes a guidebook about a country definitely noone wants to travel to. It’s not an exchange. It’s a trash shelf. Leave your most uninteresting book, when your backpack gets too heavy. Book exchanges are truly an oddity exhibition.

Good when you’re travelling with friends, who carry books, which are at least in a language you are able to understand. The story of my new book isn’t really thrilling, but it’s an easy read and it’s about lonely islands and wonderful beaches. It fits my current situation. It still looks like there won’t be a third book here for me. I should enjoy it.

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