#day322 – sleeping under an avocado tree

In a hammock under an avocado tree, that’s a unique sleeping place. The night in a hammock in Tayrona Park was just a test. Since that I know, I survive a night in the hammock, I’ve been so brave and made a reservation for another three hammock nights. This time under an avocado tree in a hostel next to the jungle river Buritaca. A short break from the coast and the sea breeze.

Have you ever heard someone got murdered by a falling coconut? The coconut is an avocado here. They’re as big and hard as coconuts. A falling one knocks you out for sure. I’m not kidding. What should be romantic and idyllic is therefore actually pretty dangerous. Last night I woke up at least two times, because an avocado was hitting the bottom. There’s a bamboo roof above our hammocks fortunately.

It wouldn’t be that bad, if the avocados are eatable. But they’re not. Totally unripe. They need ages to get ripe. And the green one, which is the common avocado here, isn’t as tasty as the little black one. The so called Hass avocado. I guess all good black avocados are exported to Europe. It’s a shame.

Why am I complaining that much? Apart from risking my life, it’s a wonderful place to sleep. The chance to die in a car accident is way higher. And I can eat avocados once I’m back home. Keep calm, Resi.

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