#day320 – river tubing

There’s only one thing to do in Palomino besides beaching. Tubing. Tubing down Palomino river. I know tubing only from fun parks. It’s something different on a jungle river. It was so much fun. One of those moments when you ask yourself how great life can be.

The adventure started with a short taxi ride on a motorbike. The tube around my driver and me, what was apparently a bit too much body contact. Orlando, my driver started to ask interesting questions. Even though I liked to practice a bit Spanish again I was happy when it was over. Sorry, Orlando.

The following part was a short hike through the jungle. We reached the starting point totally sweated. Not a problem at all since we jumped immediately into the tubes anyway. And then the real adventure started. Floating through the jungle, sipping our cold beer, enjoying the scenery. Amazing.

The whole fun on the river took two hours. The tour ended at the beach. We got off our tube and walked a short way back to the village. That’s it.

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