#day319 – doing the yoga spider

My initial plan for Palomino was a yoga retreat. Five days of doing nothing else than yoga, eating healthy food and avoiding alcohol. Sounds good, wouldn’t it be so expensive. Why do only luxury resorts offer such retreats? There should be a yoga hostel in town. That’s definitely a business idea.

Whatever, I’m doing my own and self organized yoga retreat. There are several hostels, which offer at least yoga classes if no retreats. I can do one yoga class per day as long as I’m here. And try to eat healthier food, what’s kind of difficult. And I might try to drink less alcohol. It’s even more difficult. We’ll see.

My little yoga retreat started pretty good. I got up at 7am to go to the early morning class. I love to do a bit sports before breakfast. Even more in a lovely garden surrounded by palm trees and next to the pool. The drizzling rain couldn’t really bother me.

The best thing was the learning of a new yoga position though. The so called spider. A funny looking position, which is difficult to practice, too. Nothing really for people, who are something in between beginner and intermediate, rather beginner than intermediate if I have to decide. I’m going to improve my skills the next days.

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