#day318 – swinging in palm trees

Beach hopping along the coast is truly a pleasure. I enjoy it so much after all this time in the mountains. I can actually  make a challenge out of it: finding the best beach in Colombia. I’ve seen already gorgeous ones. And there’re many more to discover of course.

Palomino beach where I arrived today is definetely one of my most favorite so far. The sand isn’t as white as in Tayrona Park but the sea is refreshing and they’re way less people. It’s easy to find a spot where you can have the beach all for yourself.

What makes the beach special is the high amount of palm trees. Wonderful big palm trees with coconuts next to bamboo huts and hammocks, all along the beach. A beach scenery out of the picture book.

And then I spotted the perfection while I walked along the beach. A palm tree swing. You shouldn’t ignore a swing. Every swing I cross I jump on. Being a child again. Having fun and enjoying the little things in life. A swing is maybe the best symbol therefore. Try to keep the child in you as long as you can, friends!

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