#day317 – over night in a hammock

My first time I slept a whole night in a hammock under a bamboo roof. My first time I saw the sea and palm trees immediately when I opened my eyes in the morning. Not my first time, I had a pretty bad sleep and felt quite exhausted after getting up.

Well, after our first night in the tent we were allowed to sleep the second night in the hammock. Our original intension for Tayrona Park. And the location of our hammocks couldn’t be better. First row facing the sea under a bamboo roof with round about 50 hammocks.

Now I know to get a really good sleep in a hammock you have to be either overtired or totally drunk though. While the night in the tent was incredibly hot, the last night was a bit refreshing. You don’t get a pillow or blankets, not even a mosquito net. It’s just you and the hammock. I had at least a good repellent.

In the end it was still a bit more comfortable than the night in tent. Rather a little uncomfortable hammock than a mouldy mattress in a sauna tent. Regarding the view both places are unbeatable. It’s definitely worth the two sleepless nights. I get an extra nap at the gorgeous beach.

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