#day316 – alone at the nudist beach

Alright, beaches here in Tayrona Park are a dream. And the beach just in front of our tent is actually the best one. Incredibly picturesque. Because it’s at the same time one of a handful beaches, where you can go into the water (the waves at other beaches are too strong) you’re not alone, of course.

That’s why I started looking for the lonesome beach bay in the park today. I found it. At the official nudist beach. I spotted one nudist couple at the beginning of the beach and it’s a long strip. I had the far end of the beach all for myself. Useless to undress me, there was noone who could watch me anyway.

I enjoyed an untouched looking beach and asked myself where all the nudists are. I guess they want to have a swim as all the other visitors want to have. Or they are too lazy to walk all the way to the bay. It’s another 20 minutes walk from our camping ground. Or they want to be surrounded by other people, that’s what nudists actually want, don’t they?

Just in case if you’re asking yourself…No, even naked it wouldn’t have been my first time being a nudist. I did it once with my girls on a German island. Pretty funny, but I don’t do it regularly. I mean sure, I always wish to be naked when I’m in my cold and wet bikini, but I prefer no attention while relaxing at the beach.

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