#day315 – fighting for a tent under palm trees

The next adventure is coming up. Two nights in a national park with gorgeous beaches. Since there’s no hotel in the park and only a camping ground I was prepared to sleep in a hammock. I was actually looking forward to sleep in a hammock at the beach. Waking up with the sun and the waves. Too good.

The most beautiful beach in the park, where it’s at the same time allowed to swim, is a two hours walk from the park entrance. With luggage in the heat. You have to earn the beach. I hardly can’t remember when it was the last time I sweated that much.

I wanted to cry tears of joy when I saw the camping ground entrance. Just a short check-in and I can jump into the waves. It would had been a dream. The reality was, when we reached the reception desk the last hammock got sold. No hammocks anymore for night.

Seriously? I thought it’s an idyllic little camp ground at the far end of the beach with just a few travellers. Not at all. The tiny little rest of hope was now to get a tent. It wasn’t what we wanted. We wanted a hammock, but even more we wanted to stay overnight in the park.

The reception lady told us we have to wait an hour to know how many tents are available. And we were the 4th in the queue. Waiting to check-in after two hours of trekking with not knowing if we get one in the end is a torture. Lucky us, everything went well in the end.

Imagine I had to walk all the way back. It would have been a pricy day of walking around without a beach. The entrance to the park isn’t for free by the way.

Well, the temperature in the tent is 500 degrees, the mattresses are a bit mouldy and I have nothing with me to sleep in a tent, but at least we can sleep under palm trees. And it’s my first time camping at the beach. Wohooo.

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