#day314 – Lulo juice

Interesting that there are fruits, which you can only get in Columbia. Not even in Southamerica, only Columbia and maybe Ecuador. Lulo is such a fruit. I haven’t hear of Lulo before, but every fruit stall here sells Lulo juice and so I got curious.

I could easily have a mango maracuya juice every day. I have at least one fresh pressed juice every day. Today I felt like giving Lulo a chance. It’s pretty hot at the pool and Lulo is a citrus-like fruit, that seems to be really refreshing. Even though I had a little black hair from our chef in my juice I liked it. As I expected a bit sour but good when you’re thirsty. The taste of lime juice is a bit similar.

Why is there no Lulo juice in Germany? I looked it up. Due to its unique and exoric flavor the demand for Lulo around the world is growing, but it’s a nightshade fruit. Lulo is unfortunately susceptible to bruising, discoloration and diseases. Means mass cultivation isn’t possible and export almost nonexistent. What a pitty. Lulo is the perfect summer drink. It will be a Columbia memory.

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