#day312 – swimming in the Caribbean Sea

It’s already my third ocean in Southamerica. The Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and now the Caribbean Sea. Well, the third ocean is actually a sea and not an ocean, of course. It’s the most beautiful one, though. The one with white sandy beaches, turquoise warm water and huge palm trees.

Cartagena is a coast town, but the city itself has no nice beaches. The closest beach with a Caribbean look is Playa Blanca on a peninsular. You have to take a boat or a bus, it’s more or less a day trip. I’m not best friends with boats that’s why I took the bus.

To be honest, the beach you see on the picture is not the truth. The picture shows a wonderful tropical beach, lonely, peaceful, enjoyable. That’s not Playa Blanca. Or let’s say, it’s just a tiny part of the beach at the far end. I had to walk a couple of minutes to find this spot. Even on a Monday the beach was packed with many tourists. Not backpackers though. Southamerican tourists, mainly Columbians and Argentinans.

Even more annoying than the tourists are all those vendors in the end. Ice cream vendors, tattoo painters, massage ladies and souvenir sellers. One for each tourist. It’s nevertheless a wonderful beach and so much better than all the beaches I’ve been to before in Southamerica. Except Brazil, of course. I shouldn’t complain. I’m too spoiled.

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