#day311 – mud bathing in a volcano

I can’t deny I had quite a few volcano experiences already. The one today was one of the most interesting though. Honestly said you can hardly call El Totulum a volcano. It’s a tiny little hill, which you wouldn’t even recognize without knowing that it’s a volcano.

As you know, it’s not all about the size sometimes. Little El Totulum is a special volcano. It’s filled with natural mud, which contains many different minerals and therefore makes your skin beautiful.
When people realized it, they started to make a business out of it. Floating in a volcano full of mud. Sounded like a lot of fun for me. A tour was a must.

The beat word to describe the experience is interesting indeed. Once you took the stairs into the volcano, some dudes try to massage you to get money in return. Three times saying ‘no, gracias’ wasn’t enough to get rid of those guys. As if it wasn’t it already embarrassing enough to wobble through the mud like a whale.

Ten minutes mud bathing was enough. Later on had a little swim in a lake close by to wash ourselfs. I’m still not sure, if I will ever smell fresh again. One shower was definitely not enough.

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