#day310 – Caribbean vibes

Finally, finally. Since Argentina I’m dreaming about the Caribbean coast. Now I’m here. I still can’t believe it. People who have been here before told me already, it’s incredibly hot. I always thought, it can’t be too hot for me. It’s exactly what I want after all those months in the mountains.

When I arrived today I was a bit shocked though. It’s insanely hot in Cartagena. And totally different from everything I’ve seen before in Southamerica. Sure, Cartagena is famous for its beautiful old town with colonial buildings and I visited several pretty colonial towns. Sucre in Bolivia, Cusco in Peru or Quito in Ecuador for example. Cartagena is different though.

I’ve never been to Cuba, but it must be similar. Or let’s say that’s my imagination of Cuba as the most symbolic island of the Caribbean. Old men smoking cigars and wearing Panama hats. Street vendors selling every kind of exotic fruits. Colorful houses with colorful flowers. And those ladies in colorful dresses. Only old rusty cars are missing. I’m so so looking forward to the upcoming time at the coast.

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