#day309 – paragliding

A really special first time today. Paragliding. Paragliding over Medellín, one of Columbia’s best cities with a special mountain scenery. The perfect place to do it, even more because it’s surprisingly cheap here in Columbia in general. Now or never, you know.

And it was the last adventure activity on my bucket list. I’m honestly not adventurous enough for bungee jumping or parachuting. Paragliding was the only activity option with flying in the air, that didn’t sound too thrilling for me.

It wasn’t really thrilling. I mean the view over the landscape up in the air was breathtaking, but I wasn’t frightened. Because you’re sitting more or less in a chair, I felt quite safe actually. And my tandem partner did a good job, too.

Sounds like a quite enjoyable experience, doesn’t it? It was. Until I got sick in minute 10. Same feeling that I use to have on a carousel. I started getting mad at me. I’m such a pussy. When it starts getting adventurous, my body strikes. Always the same. I thought it’s getting better when I get older. Unfortunately not. Disappointing.

Well, half time only. What to do? The imagination of puking in the air, due to strong winds maybe on my partner’s legs, made me a bit nervous. Pretty nervous to be honest. I explained him the problem and in the end we returned a bit earlier than we should had to. I mean, it was a wonderful experience still. I don’t need a second time though.

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