#day308 – celebrating Columbia’s independence

The celebration of Columbia’s independence started actually already yesterday. The whole Poblado district was a big party. We joined the fun and danced a bit Salsa with the locals. Not my preferred type of dance but when in Southamerica…

After a long sleep I tried to find a bit more party in the old town, a more authentic part of the city, which I haven’t explored yet. Someone told me there’re going to be street parades and that stuff. Well, there wasn’t a real street parade, but Botero Square was busy with street vendors, locals and tourists.

I really like Botero’s kind of art. Botero was born in Medellin in the early 20th century and he is the most famous Columbian artist nowadays. His sculptures are exaggerated fat. Fat women, fat men, fat animals. Looks like he was a fetishist. Another famous art piece of him is a fat version of Mona Lisa. I love it.

After a bit culture we finally found a little street party. Five Columbians playing nice traditional music and a bunch of old couples having a serious dance. It was incredibly entertaining. We watched the spectacle until it started raining. Definitely an authentic national day in Columbia.

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