#day307 – bumping into a drug baron

As I already mentioned it, it’s all about drugs in Medellin. Not that long time ago in the 80’s it was the world’s drug capital and Pablo Escobar, born and raised in Medellin was the world’s drug baron. Hence it was as well one of the most dangerous places on earth. Nowadays hard to imagine, but who believes that there was a wall in Germany to seperate people just 30 years ago?

Since it looks like everyone except me has watched the tv series Narcos, I don’t have to explain you who Pablo Escobar’s character is. It’s common to do a so called Pablo Escobar Tour, which brings you to his grave, his jail, his soccer field and his house in the city center.

I didn’t know that much about the drug war and so it was pretty interesting for me. But the crazy highlight of our tour was running into Popeye, Escobar’s hit man and the last man from his inner circle who is still alive and knows all the secrets. Together with Escobar he killed more than 300 people by himself.

Too weird we met him by coincidence. He was in jail for more than 20 years and free for just two years now. He is still hiding. It seems like not that strictly though. We bumped into him in front of Escobar’s jail. It’s high up in the mountains and not busy at all, but nevertheless.

Posing with him for a photo was even more weird. But he was really nice and patient until everyone in the group had a picture. That was definitely a real experience about Medellins drug history. I’m still a bit agitated.

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