#305 – Medellín by night

I finally made it to Medellin. A city in the middle of Columbia, every traveller is talking good things about. It’s one of the cheapest places on earth to buy cocaine. One gram for 3 dollar. In Australia it’s 300 dollars, for example. Insane. I was really keen to see what the city has to offer apart from drugs.

As it every traveller does, I stay in Poblado. My first night stroll through the neighbourhood gives me an idea why Medellin is that popular. The city could be easily in Europe or any other Western part of the world. It’s damn hipster. Berlin Mitte is nothing in comparison. Super fancy cafés, little clothing shops, hip bars and clubs for every kind of music.

I’m usually doubtful about places like Medellin. I mean I don’t fly to the other end of the world to find another Berlin. But yeah, after six months away I can’t deny, I’m enjoying a bit home feeling. A place where I’ll focus on food, shopping and party. A little break from Southamerica in Southamerica.

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