#day302 – highest palm trees in the world

What a mystical place on earth. Valle de Cocora, the valley with the highest palm trees in the world. I’m a well known palm trees lover, those plants are different though. Not less beautiful, but different. Up to 60 meters high, incredible skinny from the bottom to the top and with just a few little leaves. Staying in front of one it’s difficult to take a picture, but easy to hug it.

I had a 9 hours trek through the valley today. It was a steep uphill walk for hours, but it was worth it. The landscape is unique. I mean apart from the palm trees the valley could be a part of Switzerland. Lushy green meadow, little mountains and many good looking black and white cows. Cows that remind me of home. I can’t get used to the look of a cow in front of a palm tree. It doesn’t fit. It’s weird. Beautifully weird. And it makes it as special as it is.

Later on someone told me the palm trees are going to die out. The reason therefore are unfortunately those beautiful cows. They eat to much grass. There’re not enough nutrients in the ground anymore. Let’s hope someone prevents it. Such a wonderful piece of earth can’t die!

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